Saturday, May 10, 2008

Get acquainted with tomorrow`s technology

Nikola Tesla was right. MIT team researchers have now found ways to power up electronic devices wirelessly. (I don`t think wirelessly is a word but you get the picture/)
Watch the video to find out more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Web 2.0-The Web Powered by You

The amount of content on the web is immense. Every time you turn, around something new appears. Although anyone wishing to to look good on the web will ALWAYS rely on a designer-even if you have a pre-made template, someone had to make it- I do believe content is all you!

Not only can you put out your own content and attract an audience, but you control what you read, see and hear at the click of a mouse. I found a man who was selling a tell-all course on Web 2.0 for a whopping $700! With Web 2.0, you can create a name for yourself, establish yourself as a reputable business and seed the internet with information about you. But how can you capitalize on the power of you if YOU are not out there? What are the ways to put yourself (service, product or persona) out there?

Web 2.0 is more than that. From shopcasting, to bookmarking, you choose your format of communication. Taking it a step further, many services have become available that streamline the process by making multiple popular services available in one unit. What does this mean to you and your audience? Ease of use, saving you time and hassle.

The New Yahoo integrates RSS into its email reader.--->

Time is the new currency and simplifying this process can be the first step to creating wealth and establishing your image on the web. Contact me for more information!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Raquel is a fabulous jewelry designer. In a sea of jewelry designers, she needed to stand out. Her site was a do it yourself, and she used a black background because she felt it would display her pictures better.

She also had a lot of her jewelry in consignment, which meant she would only be paid if it sold. Her business had boomed in the past three years and now it was time to take it to the next level. She wanted her website to reflect that she is up and coming. She also wanted to get in big stores but she has no clue how to go about doing that.

We talked about the feel she wanted to convey. She wanted to look sophisticated, worthy of high end stores. Her packaging needed to be designed. She also needed a press release and intro letter.

Her web image needed some work, starting with the logo. The font was not communicating sophistication. The other color she used was a bright red. That particular shade was very bright and was contrary to her chosen image.

A designer was hired to do the website, and another for the logo. The red-pink color is richer. The font is an all caps serif font. The font resembles
Victoria`s Secret font, which we agreed was very sophisticated. Raquel is very please with her new look.

The new site is more indicative of her new found sophistication. did a fabulous job. In order to design this site, we had to treat her creations as art pieces, and the site as a gallery. So, we visited designers like David Yurman and Betsey Johnson in order to get a feel for how they frame their work. Her new site not only frames her work but is worthy of her pieces.

After taking her pieces out of consignment she sent me this email:
"I just wanted to tell you when we talked you advised me to not do consignments. So I removed my jewelry from the store where it was on consignment. They now want to buy some of my jewelry up front. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Thank you so much for your expertise! "

Why not be paid ahead of time? Consignments are great for used items, but not for new goods. Another thing we talked about is how is she treating her pieces? Her silent answer was evident she didn`t know what I was talking about.

Her designs are to be treated as pieces of art. I asked her if she had a site where she could display her designs as a portfolio site. I told her she is the one who gives her pieces value, not just in dollar signs, but as a wearable piece of art. The portfolio site will be a way to show off her work. She is now working on that!

I will update with a follow up post!

Friday, February 22, 2008

SEO Spam-Don`t do it!!

I love companies that guarantee listing on`s first page. I specially love the company, who after charging my client $500 a month, all they did was add keywords to her page at the bottom of her page in a different text color. But the one that takes the cake, is the one that called me and told me:"Do you know that your site cannot be found on the web?"
"Oh yeah," I said "I am #1 on for X keyword, which is what I do. Did you try that?"

Although I am sure that there are good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies, I am wary of companies that call me out of the blue. My advice to you-Learn how to do it yourself! Google posts guidelines and even hosts free seminars for business owners.

Here are a few rules on what not to do:
  1. Never hide text in your page by making it the same color as your background. If you want to be known on the web for selling chrome hub caps and you type that in, over and over and hide the text or make the text light, it will be considered spamming.
  2. Never just add keywords to the bottom of the page. In order to benefit from even having keywords, you need to write about them on the page. Not all of your pages on your website will be about the same subject. So! Change the keywords on each page to reflect its content.
  3. Never use irrelevant keywords. I once found a web designer using her competitor`s name in her keywords. Again, your content must match your keywords.
  4. Never use crazy java scripts or flash. As good as technology is, only Google`s spiders are smart enough to crawl over flash and java scripts. Some scripts may be obsolete and not crawlable. So if you are not getting the hits you need, check the scripts and flash on your page.
  5. Never clog up your alt tags. Usually designers will fill these up with your keywords or your name. Personally, I prefer them blank. If you know how to add alt tags, you do it. As your content changes, those tags will have to change to reflect your new content. How do you know your alt tags have content? Take your cursor and hover it over an image. If text pops up, you have an alt tag.
  6. Never submit your site more than twice a month. Really! If you do, you will be blacklisted.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Case Study-Blog Good Girl Gone Shopping

Diary of a Personal Shopper gets a makeover!

Elana is a successful columnist and senior editor for Agenda Magazine and DP Mag. She is not just a great writer, she is a fashion guru in her own right.

She is trying a new venture. She is launching herself as an image consultant. She knows her stuff, but how to make sure her web image matches her expertise? Elana hires Business Trendista to style her web image.

She loves combining colorful things, adding a "splash of color". But her blog was a bucketful! The bright color was very distracting and detracted attention from her fabulous content.
Sample of Elana`s former blog.

Elana needed a couple of things-To establish a web identity with a logo or character, maximize the space on her blog as her old template has so much info it was too long, communicate with her readers with feeds, join other blogging communities, uncluttering some of the extra badges and monetizing her blog.

After getting a logo and a girly character, she had a three column template designed to match her style. We wanted to mimic the feel of Betsey Johnson`s web site.

Her site is very clean and has splashes of color that do not overwhelmed visitors. Color is used to accentuate areas of interest and the same was done here.

Her new template has three columns, allowing her to sell her space to advertisers, without making her page extra long. She also will have links across the page to important post that double up as"pages" for the relevant information her clients need to know. Just like a website would!

She burned her feed using a service that allows you to subscribe to the feed via email, which basically makes her blog a great newsletter. She already saw an increase on the amount of time that people are spending on her blog, which means people are actually reading her blog. She is establishing herself as an image consultant and creating a following.

Can her current presence be improved? Absolutely... more on that later!

Case Follow Up

I am happy to report that Erika at is reporting excellent news.

She recently asked her designer at Hip `N Chic Designs to review her front page in order to make it more accessible and easy to navigate for clients. The page was uncluttered and important links moved to the upper fold of the page.

After teaching her how to optimize her front page for the 5 keywords she wanted to be known for, she reported yesterday that she is on the first page of search engine! After an uphill struggle to climb the search engines, her web site is now crawled by search engines, and indexed properly.

She also rewrote, and optimized different pages. and had a professional writer proof her grammar and spelling. Erika is certainly on her way!